Impose lighter fines for first offenders, says Bandar Kuching MP

Dr Kelvin Yii debating in Parliament. - Filepic

KUCHING, Aug 3: Bandar Kuching MP, Dr Kelvin Yii has proposed that a fine of between RM200 and RM300 be imposed on first time offenders for not wearing face mask in public.

He said the current RM 1,000 fine may be a bit too steep especially for the poor in Malaysia, whereby the amount is about 83 per cent of the RM1,200 minimum wage.

“First time offenders may be fined between RM200 and RM300, with the amount increasing for repeat offenders,” Dr Hii said in a statement in his Facebook posting today, adding that  he had raised the issue at the Dewan Rakyat sitting.

He also cautioned against imposing a high fine as it is now, which may open up opportunity for corruption among the enforcers.

“We don’t want this policy which is meant for good, to be abused and used by certain quarters to collect “duit kopi” from people that may not be able to pay the fine,” he said.-DayakDaily