‘Hadi’s two-tiered federal cabinet idea is attempt to colonialise majority’

KUCHING, Feb 5: The proposal of a two-tiered federal cabinet recently by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is the imposition of the rules and culture of a minority on the majority.

To Peter John Jaban of Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S), this was “the very essence of colonialism”.

Reacting to Abdul Hadi, Peter John said in general, modern Malaysians were fed up with racial politics which has hindered the country’s development.

“My view is that modern Malaysians are fed up of the race politics that are holding back progress in our country.

“Malaysia is a multi-cultural nation and should be pushing towards a system of government which is blind to race and religion instead of heading towards one that is creating even greater divisions.

“Surely, the only thing that matters is the ability to do the job well and not the religion a civil servant happens to have been born into?” he questioned.

Peter John said Abdul Hadi’s proposal was the absolute opposite of a modern meritocracy and is unpractical and unacceptable in Sarawak.

“This way of thinking becomes even more unacceptable in the Sarawak context where the Muslim population is only 25 per cent of the total.”

“This would be the imposition of the rules and culture of a minority on the majority – the very essence of colonialism,” he said in a statement today.

The human rights advocate thus called on all Sarawakians to show the parties sharing Abdul Hadi’s sentiments that Sarawak is a state that will move on with a different vision.

“If this is Abdul Hadi’s aim, then I hope all Sarawakians will use their vote during the next election to show PAS and, frankly, any party in coalition with them that Sarawak is a state of racial and religious harmony and equality, fit for the 21st century,” said Peter John.

Abdul Hadi had made national headlines recently, saying that if PAS were to rule, there will be two cabinets.

One will decide on national policies, and would consist of those who are Muslims. This cabinet will appoint an executive cabinet to carry out the policies and the members of this second cabinet may include non-Muslims. — DayakDaily