Gun found at Miri beach a toy

The gun, believed to be a toy gun, was found on the sand at Luak Esplanade beach on Sunday.

By Brad Rantay

MIRI, Feb 11: A 29-year-old female Grab driver and her friend were strolling along a beach in Luak Esplanade yesterday when they stumbled upon an object that resembled a real gun.

It was around 5.50pm then, and they immediately alerted Miri Civil Defence Force (APM) personnel who were on duty at the monitoring rescue tower near the area. They (APM personnel) later notified the police.

Miri deputy police chief Supt Sabri Zainol said the gun is a toy gun and was believed to be thrown away by its owner.

“It was broken, and we believed the owner had thrown it into the sea,” he said.

The gun was found half buried in the sand, and the gun’s magazine was stuffed with rubber pellets. There was an inscription on the gun which read ‘Made in Taiwan WE Tactical Ltd Co Number Series DMD 168’.

“We believe it’s a kind of soft gun, but we will call in officers from firearms (section) to examine further,” said Sabri. — DayakDaily