GPS Ba’Kelalan candidate promises to resolve road issues, bring change to highland community

Laya and his team riding over rough terrain into Kampung Pa' Puti.

KUCHING, Dec 11: Political newcomer Sam Laya of Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) has pledged to resolve road issues in the Ba’Kelalan constituency, including Kampung Pa’ Puti if he wins in the 12th Sarawak Election.

Sam emphasised that a committee would be set up to plan and coordinate the various development projects including roads and other infrastructures, to improve the landscape and uplift the community.

“The urgent matter to attend to is the road leading to this village (Pa’ Puti) from Kampung Pengalih.

“Resolving the road issues in the Ba’Kelalan constituency must be taken seriously as road accessibility is fundamental to support economic growth and reduce poverty in Sarawak’s interior so that we can be at par with other areas in the State.

“Should you all give me a chance, I assure you that I will do my very best to fix these problems,” he said when visiting Kampung Pa’ Puti yesterday.

Villagers join Sam in a dialogue session.

The journey to Kampung Pa’ Puti took about one and a half-hour on 4WD vehicles to manoeuvre across the challenging rugged terrain.

While he noted that Ba’Kelalan incumbent Baru Bian had previously spent RM500,000 to upgrade the road to Kampung Pa’ Puti, however, it seemed that the road was still in poor condition.

Sam added that Ba’Kelalan also has huge potential for tourism with its natural and beautiful surroundings, which could become another stream of economic activities to support local communities.

“As such, I call on the people to make a wise decision on polling day.

“I promise that if given a chance, I will do my best and use all my capabilities and resources to bring about better change to Ba’Kelalan,” he assured. — DayakDaily