Firefighters remove hornets’ nest from office

Firefighters at the location, getting ready to climb a ladder to remove the nest.

By Brad Rantayy

MIRI, Jan 10: A hornets’ nest measuring about two-feet was removed from the ceiling of an office building in Marina Park City on Thursday afternoon (Jan 10).

Eight firefighters led by Abang Muhd Fhazil rushed to the scene in response to an alert on the discovery made by the building staff at 2.26pm.

According to sources, the discovery was made after staff noticed a buzzing sound from the balcony area where the nest was suspended, approximately 10 feet above the floor.

It took the firefighters about 30 minutes to remove the nest safely. Insecticide spray was used to neutralise the hornets’ nest.

There were no untoward incidents during the operation. — DayakDaily