Facebook post about SK Sg Kapit Yr 1 students helping friend with special needs use toilet goes viral, netizens touched by sweet friendship

Screenshot of the two photos showing a SK SG Kapi Year 1 student helping his friend with his belt outside a toilet. Photos courtesy of Sylvester Ronny Pulene.

By Ling Hui

KUCHING, Aug 18: A Facebook post uploaded yesterday by a teacher at SK Sungai Kapit about a sweet friendship he witnessed between three Year 1 students outside a toilet has drawn much praise from netizens.

The teacher, by the name of Sylvester Ronny Pulene on social media, said he had bumped into two boys helping their friend to unbuckle his belt so that the latter could use the loo.

Attached with two photos of the scene, Sylvester wrote in his post: “The meaning of friendship (‘pemantas enggau kaban’).

“After break, while heading to class, I bumped into these three friends (first year students). Two of his friends were helping him to unbuckle his belt because he needed to pee.

“This student ‘J’ is indeed special. He was a former student of mine in pre-school. He still doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Even in Year 1, he still uses pampers. But maybe today, he didn’t use pampers.

“His speech is not very clear (rather slow). But what makes me proud is that he has friends in his class who care enough for him. In fact, sometimes his friends are willing to help him stand in line to get RMT meals (supplementary food) for him at the school canteen.

“He is also a very friendly person, though he is quite different from the others. In short, his classmates all pay attention to him even though they are only seven years old.”

The simple act of kindness did not just end there. After ‘J’ was done with his toilet break, his friends also helped him with his pants and tucked in his shirt.

“After that, they held hands and returned to class happily,” Sylvester wrote, concluding the short, yet heartwarming story.

As of the time of writing, Sylvester’s post about the three boys has already garnered 15,000 likes, 1,300 comments and 9,400 shares.

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