Elderly couple living in dire state, NGO calls for help

Lintot’s dilapidated house at Kampung Lintang, Kuching-Serian Road.

KUCHING, Dec 21: The Habitat for Indigenous and Urban Program (Hidup) is calling for the relevant authorities and organisations to help an elderly couple who are living in a dilapidated wooden house in Kampung Lintang.

Lontot Leman, 74, and his wife Maidah Abdullah, 78, have been living in a dilapidated house without running water supply or electricity for two years.

Worse still, the house is often hit by flood during rainy season, said Hidup president George Young Si Ricord Junior in a statement after visiting the couple today.

George talking with Maidah outside their home at Kampung Lintang. Seated at the door is Lintot.

He added that Hidup will try to get assistance from Tabung Baitulmal to assist the poor Muslim couple.

“Upon reaching the Kampung Lintang, my team and I were shocked and saddened to witness the plight of Lontot and his wife Maidah.

“These aged couple are living in a shabby, rundown and deplorable shade they called home for the past two years without the supply of running water and electricity. They had to resort to collecting rainwater for water supplies and kerosene lamp for lighting,” he continued.

According to George, Lontot is a monthly welfare recipient of RM300. However, the wife is not eligible for the welfare aid, as the allowance is only for one person per household.

“The site is frequently inundated by flood, especially during the rainy season from December till February. During the flood they would be put up in the village mosque. They have been subjected to the flood water every year, as do the whole village,” said George of the situation at the village situated at Jalan Kuching-Serian.

He added that the couple has an adopted son, Zamri Lontot, 45, who is self-employed and has three school going children of his own.

George said Zamri and his family have been trying to apply for PPRT (Program Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin) low-cost housing for his aged parents, but it has not been approved.

The poor couple’s living room.
The state of the kitchen.

“Hidup will continuously identify vulnerable group regardless of ethnicity and religion, as poverty is multi-dimensional. However, it can be reduced or mitigated if both political divide come together for a common ground to heal the division in our villages and to find a new and generous spirit especially during this season of giving,” he said.

Hidup is creating awareness raising through social mobilisation at community level and all community based monitoring and referral cases will be highlighted via social media, corporate boardroom and the political circles.

For further information, do contact the association at 0111-8580528 or 0111-8990528. — DayakDaily