DVSS looking for rabid puppy that bit 2 children from Tasik Biru, Bau

DVSS is looking for one of the puppies in the picture.

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KUCHING, July 4:  Two children from Tasik Biru, Bau have been bitten by their puppies which were found to be positive for rabies.

According to a press statement of Dr Adrian Susin Ambud, director of Department of Veterinary Services Sarawak (DVSS), the two puppies were adopted on Mar 31, 2019 from an Indonesian who was then staying at Cross Road, Kuching.  

The Indonesian had since return to his country.

“The puppies turned aggressive three months later and bit them (the two children).  One puppy was dumped at Tasik Biru area and could not be located,” said Dr Adrian.

The two child victims were treated at the Bau dog bite clinic which then informed DVSS. 

“The Department surveillance team immediately investigated and collected the remaining puppy for testing at the State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory on June 27, 2019.  The puppy was tested positive for rabies on July 2, 2019.”

Meanwhile, between 20 to 24 June, the lab had conducted tests on 11 samples from Kuching, Serian, Betong and Bintulu divisions.

Two samples were found positive for rabies and they were from within 10 kilometre radius of rabies infected areas of Kampung Ranchan Baduk, Serian and Lorong 22 C, Jalan Stampin Baru, Kuching.

DVSS is appealing to all residents and public members of Tasik Biru to call DVS at 082-628248 or DVS Rabies Hotline at 016-255-7267 (WhatsApp) or Bau District Council if they see a cream-coloured puppy as shown in the picture.

Public who have been in contact (licked, scratched or bitten) with the puppy are advised to go to the nearest government clinic or hospital to seek immediate treatment.

Dr Adrian reminded the public to vaccinate your dogs against rabies annually and adopt dogs only from known and responsible owners.

Rabies vaccination is compulsory under Section 40 of the Veterinary Pubic Health Ordinance 1999.

To date, there are a total of 123, 035 dogs vaccinated since 2017. — DayakDaily