Dr Yii urges govt not to hold snap poll as Malaysia grapples with Covid-19

Dr Kelvin Yii

KUCHING, Jan 5: Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii has called on the Perikatan Nasional (PN) federal government not to hold a snap poll in the first quarter of this year.

He believed that the country is still reeling from the effect of the third wave of Covid-19 due to the Sabah state election last year and it is unsafe to hold the 15th general election soon.

“It is simply not the time for a nationwide general election.

“It is really concerning that different leaders from the United Malays National Organisation (Umno) are making public statements in attempting to trigger snap elections as early as the first quarter of this year despite the ravaging Covid-19 numbers nationwide.

“This clearly shows how certain politicians put their personal interest and power over the well-being, safety and even economic struggles of the general population,” he said in a press statement.

Dr Yii opined that organising a general election this year would be disastrous, pointing out that the increase in Covid-19 cases arising from the Sabah state election should serve as a strong reminder that the coronavirus does not take a leave of absence just so that an election can be held.

He also stressed that the vaccine for Covid-19 is not a total solution which will end the pandemic.

Dr Yii noted the country’s population will be receiving vaccines for Covid-19 from different companies in batches and estimated that Malaysia will only achieve a minimal 70 per cent of herd immunity for the country’s population by 2022.

“So, either way, we will need to wait until the majority of the population is immunised. Then only a general election with necessary adjustments can even be considered.

“Even so, we cannot afford to hold a GE during this period,” he added.

Dr Yii asserted the Election Commission (EC) also needed to make some adjustments and reforms this year including outlining the necessary safety standard operating procedures (SOPs) before a general election could be held. — DayakDaily