DNC advocates easing MCO according to zones

Paul Raja

KUCHING, April 13: Dayak National Congress (DNC) has proposed that the government lift the Movement Control Order (MCO) gradually based on zones while at the same time, refine enforcement.

“With the zoning of nation and states into areas, it should be logical that the degree of rigidity of the rules should be based on the zones. For instance, like Kapit Division which has no record of the virus, it should be more relaxed. But of course, movement into the division must be very strict to avoid the spread of the virus there,” DNC president Paul Raja opined in a statement today.

He highlighted that another aspect which the authorities can look at is where the division or districts are located and their composition.

“For instance, Miri Division. The infections are in the urban centre but may not be found in places like Bario, Long San, Lio Mato or the entire Long Lama District.

“In such a case, the severity of rules in Miri city should not be applied in Long Lama. But to protect Long Lama, movement into the district must be very strict. As the purpose of the lockdown is to restrict movement to stop the spread of the virus, it’s just logical to allow those areas not affected to continue on with their economic life (sic), of course with certain precautions,” he stressed.

On another issue, Paul appealed to the authorities to be fair when distributing food aid to Sarawakians.

“In spite of the denial of those in authority, there are still many complaints of not receiving any help, especially from those in dire need, like single mothers and the low income group,” he added.

He also appealed to the authorities not to dismiss any complaints as unfounded without any prior investigation.

“Please go to the ground and investigate and make sure that all the complaints are investigated, not with the aim of silencing the complaints but with genuine sincerity that none are left unattended and unassisted.

“We do lauded the government’s decision to help the people, which is its responsibility anyway. But please don’t treat it as charity but a national duty,” he asserted.

Paul expressed hope that politicians will not take advantage of their duty to gain political mileage.

“Political interference should not be an issue as it may result in a political mess on the ground when it comes to delivery of the assistance. What the politicians can do is to help where help is needed,” he stressed. — DayakDaily