Dayak National Congress opposes students’ involvement in Palestine Solidarity Week

Dr Kennedy Paing

KUCHING, Oct 27: The Dayak National Congress (DNC) strongly opposes the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) involvement of school students in its Palestine Solidarity Week programme.

In a statement today, DNC publicity chief Dr Kennedy Paing said they believe that students must prioritise their education and personal growth, and participating in such protests can negatively affect their well-being and academic progress.

“While DNC acknowledges the importance of free speech and the right to voice one’s opinions, we firmly believe that students should be encouraged to engage in constructive dialogue and peaceful means of expressing their concerns.


“Participating in protests, particularly those related to complex geopolitical conflicts, can expose young individuals to potentially volatile situations, where emotions run high and tensions escalate rapidly,” he said.

Emphasising the importance of recognising the issues involving Israel-Hamas, he said that engaging in protests without a comprehensive understanding of the complexities involved can perpetuate misunderstandings, polarisation, and further division among the various races in Malaysia.

He said schools should primarily serve as an environment that fosters learning, growth, and intellectual development.

He also said that students’ involvement in protests can significantly impact their academic performance, as it may distract them from their studies and prevent them from fully engaging in their educational pursuits.

“We believe schools should prioritise providing a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes critical thinking, empathy, and respect for diverse perspectives.

“DNC remains committed to fostering peaceful dialogue, understanding, and respect among all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

“We encourage students, parents, and educators to engage in meaningful conversations, seek out diverse perspectives, and explore peaceful avenues for expressing their concerns and promoting positive change,” he added. — DayakDaily