Distressed Borneo Samariang Garden Phase 5 homebuyers urge developer to hand over project to S’wak govt

Some of the homebuyers of units at the troubled Borneo Samariang Garden project at the site.

KUCHING, Sept 1: The Homebuyers Action Committee for Phase 5 (JKPF5) of the troubled Borneo Samariang Garden is urging the developer Sentoria Borneo Land Sdn Bhd to hand over the housing project to the Sarawak government if they are unable to complete it as the long delay is putting most of, if not all, the first-time homebuyers who are from low-income groups in financial distress.

JKPF5 chairman Mohd Zulfika pointed out that the homebuyers, aged between 26 and 45, are committing not only to monthly instalments of RM1,100 to RM1,500, but also rental which could reach up to RM2,000 every month.

“This is a huge burden because most of the homebuyers are civil servants or working with government-linked companies who come from the B40 group.

“The situation has worsened with the recent increase in the price of basic necessities. Moreover, there are a few homebuyers who will be facing bankruptcy action because they no longer can service their monthly repayment,” he said in a statement today.

Urging the developer not to be selfish but hand over the project, JKPF5 and other affected homebuyers are very confident and believe that only the Sarawak government can help to resolve this matter.

“There are almost 1,000 buyers severely affected by this and we appeal and hope that the Sarawak government can provide appropriate assistance to the homebuyers severely affected by this project,” he called on.

Mohd Zulfika also urged the Sarawak government through the Ministry of Public Health, Housing and Local Government to mediate the matter by holding regular meetings between the developer and homebuyers representatives in order to obtain the latest information, understand the problems faced as well as stay on top of the expected completion and handover of this housing project.

“If the completion process will take a long time, JKFPF5 appeals for the Sarawak government through relevant agencies or departments to provide more effective assistance to the affected buyers.

“We also suggest that the government consider full abolition or halving of the loan interest rates for an agreed period or until the housing is fully completed and handed over to the buyers,” he said, adding that it will significantly reduce their financial burden compared to the restructuring scheme without reduction in interest offered to buyers previously.

Mohd Zulfika also revealed that the homebuyers visited the site three days ago (Aug 29) and found out that construction work had stopped a month ago.

They also met with the construction workers living at the project site from whom they learned that the workers were no longer being paid by the developer and will have to move out soon.

“In addition, the building materials have been used up and no longer supplied by the developer. Worse of all, the developer is leaving us buyers in the dark without any news or information on the status of the project,” he added. — DayakDaily