DAP Youth leader trains his gun on Youth & Sports Minister

KUCHING, Dec 22: Sarawak DAP Socialist Youth (Dapsy) publicity secretary Abdul Aziz Isa today said he considered Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman “a persona non grata”.

“I chose not to comment on Syed Saddiq’s recent statement because, for me, he is just a persona non grata.

“But when he mentioned a ‘Dapsy leader’ in his attack on Penang Deputy Chief Minister P Ramasamy, clearly he is referring to me. I’m astounded with his ignorance in politics,” said Aziz in a statement.

Aziz said based on Saddiq statement yesterday, he obviously did not know how to differentiate the call made by a party leader and a Cabinet minister.

“For goodness sake, I am just a Dapsy leader without a ministerial post. Therefore, my demand for Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik to resign can be shunned by the Cabinet minister. Dr Maszlee can take my demand lightly as I am not his Cabinet colleague,” opined Aziz.

On the other hand, Aziz said Saddiq was not just an Armada Youth chief but also a Youth and Sports Minister.

“Meaning to say, he is a high-ranking state official who sits in the executive branch and has the responsibility to formulate economic policies and development programmes,” he said.

Aziz opined that Saddiq’s demand for Minister of Unity and Social Well-being P Waytha Moorthy to resign shows that he is not a good team player.

Aziz said Saddiq should know that ministerial responsibility is divided into collective responsibility and individual responsibility.

“No minister in this world demands his fellow collegiate decision-making body to resign as it is against the collective responsibility of a minister,” Aziz said.

Aziz advised Saddiq to just focus his attention on revamping the national sports policy and national youth policy, deal with the rampant drug addiction among youths, improving sports facilities around the country, help promote unity among youths, address equal job opportunity for youths as well as set up a plan to bring the national football team to play in the Fifa World Cup one day.

“Bear in mind, a minister demanding another minister to resign is not just an anathema in politics but also an unwise attempt to jeopardise the government.

“Therefore, I would like to advise Saddiq to know your enemy first and get your priorities right. Leave the politics to the Youth wing members and focus on helping Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and the rest of your Cabinet colleagues to rebuild this nation and make Malaysia proud again,” Aziz concluded. — DayakDaily