DAP Brolin clings to small glimmer of hope for an undivided Malaysia

Brolin Nicholsion

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KUCHING, Oct 7: The dream of a better Malaysia with the dawn of a new political landscape in May 9, 2018 is now slowly fading away and all the hopes and aspirations by the people for the so-called new Malaysia is evaporating away.

In pointing this out, DAP Serian Youth chief Brolin Nicholsion said that even though for over 60 years, the Dayaks, Chinese, Indians and others were still oppressed and treated like third-class citizens, it did not dampen their enthusiasm for calling Malaysia their homes.

“This can be seen from the sacrifices of the heroic act of the late Datuk Kanang Langkau, squash queen Datuk Nicol David, badminton ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei, diver Pandalela Rinong, Malaysia football coach Tan Cheng Hoe, Malaysia under 23 football coach Datuk Ong King Swee and many more who have shown that they are happy and proud to put the Malaysia flag high at the world stage and this proved that we are better united,” he added.

“Although being treated like a second and third class citizens, they are still fighting for a better Malaysia,” he stressed in a press statement issued today.

Brolin was commenting about the recent statement by Malay Dignity Congress organising chairman Zainal Kling that Malaysia is for the Malays.

“He (Zainal) has forgotten about the spirit of the formation of Malaysia in 1963. The country was founded on a spirit of solidarity with the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Orang Ulus, Kadazans, Bajaus and all Malaysians who are born after 1957 united to form a country called Malaysia,” he criticised.

According to him, after Pakatan Harapan (PH) took over the reins of power in Putrajaya, it was indeed a new dawn, ushering a new hope for all the people in the country as they were proud to called Malaysia their country.

“But that hope seems to be fading and difficult to achieve because the disease that has been around for over 60 years seems to be getting worse as many still look at each other with the lens of religion and race,” he said.

“Is this the New Malaysia dreamed by many Malaysians, to proudly call Malaysia their ‘home’ again or are we are going back to Malaysia we once knew? Don’t be surprised if the voices to exit Malaysia in Sarawak and Sabah are getting louder right now as they are tired of being treated as the third-class citizens,” he warned.

Brolin, who is also special officer to Pandungan assemblyman Wong King Wei, reminded Putrajaya what the late Tun Jugah once said regarding the formation of Malaysia – “Anang Malaysia baka tebu, manis bak pun, tabar bak ujung” (which literally means Malaysia shall not be like sugar cane, sweet at the base but tasteless at the end).

“I dream of a Malaysia that is no longer based on religion and race. Despite the small as a mustard seed of hope to see that happen, I am still hoping and remain faithful that one day, Malaysians will address their selves as “Bangsa Malaysia”,” he said.— DayakDaily