‘Customer’ nabbed for stealing bracelet at Mile 7 goldsmith shop

The suspect was later tied up by the public and handed over to the police.

KUCHING, July 6: A 43-year-old man who had disguised himself as  a customer, was arrested after he allegedly stole a gold bracelet and was caught by the public at Mile 7, Penrissen Road today.

The incident happened at 3.39pm when the suspect visited one of the goldsmith shops in the area.

According to Padawan District Police chief, Supt Aidil Bolhassan, the suspect allegedly pretended to be a customer and had requested to try one of the gold bracelets at the shop.

“After putting on the gold bracelet, the suspect immediately left the shop, hopped onto a motorcycle with his waiting accomplice and fled the scene.

“The owner of the shop, together with his father and some friends immediately chase after the suspect. The duo later fell down from their motorcycle while they were escaping but the suspect’s accomplice managed to escape, leaving him behind,” he said.

One of the owner’s friends suffered minor injuries on his left calf while apprehending the suspect who had taken out a small knife.

The suspect was later arrested by the police and will be remanded for further investigation.-Dayak Daily