Celebrate Chinese New Year at home say community leaders

Datuk Vincent Lau Lee Ming

SIBU, Feb 4: “Stay at home. Do not participate in any visiting or gathering.”

That is strong advice from Sibu Chinese Community Leaders Association chairman, Temenggong Datuk Vincent Lau Lee Ming today to the community who will be ushering the Lunar New Year on Feb 12.

Lau in his statement said the people must continue to follow strictly the MCO guidelines set by the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) to minimise the risk of contracting and spread of Covid-19 infections.

SDMC has recently come out with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the Chinese New Year celebration in Sarawak. The SOPs covers the regulations on family gatherings on Chinese New Year Eve and first day of Chinese New Year celebration, and activities that are not allowed during the celebration.

“Although the movement restrictions and gathering bans are slightly relaxed for Chinese New Year, I sincerely hope that everyone would stay at home, and refrain from participating in any gathering or visiting,” he said.

He made this advice as he said the war against Covid-19 has not ended yet as the virus can be transmitted in various circumstances, and cluster infections play an important role in the rapid evolution of Covid-19 transmission in bigger outbreaks. He gave the example Pasai Cluster in Sarawak, with a record of more than 2000 accumulating cases to date.

“People could be infected with Covid-19 by asymptomatic carriers and pre-symptomatic people, which contributes to the high transmission risk of the virus. In other words, these carriers might have spread the virus to numerous people before the symptoms appear or tested positive,” he added.

He said although people who are immunocompromised are classed as “high risk” of developing complications if they succumb to the virus, those who are healthy must take some responsibility not to pass the virus on during this pandemic.

Even if you are not particularly at risk of developing serious symptoms, you still risk becoming a vector for the disease and passing it on to those people who are vulnerable if you do become infected.

Prevention and control measures such as stay at home, movement restrictions, personal hygiene, protection and social distancing must be strictly implemented at all time to contain the infections, he said.

“I would like to advise those who are working or studying abroad or outside the hometown to remain as to where they are this Chinese New Year. Restricting interstate and inter-district travels are critical in preventing and controlling the spread of the virus and to protect oneself as well as their families and friends,” he appealed.

Lau said they could stay connected with their families and friends this Chinese New Year through phone calls, internet and social media network. – DayakDaily