Cancer stricken single mother of four needs help

Tay handing over some contributions to Helena.

KUCHING, April 4: A 42-year-old single mother, Helena Among, with advanced cervical cancer, is in dire need of financial aid for her treatment and care.

Team Dynamic volunteers led by Eric Tay recently visited the family, who resides in Malihah, Matang here, to hand over donations of a mattress and other bedding accessories as well as help with her grandchild’s school transfer application and do some basic home repairs.

According to Tay, in a press release, Helena was diagnosed with cervical cancer in October 2017 and has minimal support to receive treatment and care.

“Her husband left the family upon finding out about her condition. She has to take up the responsibility to take care of her four children. On top of that, one of her children is a single parent, too. Basically, the whole family is living in poverty,” he highlighted.

“While she is struggling to cope with medical expenses and care, she had also been served with a final reminder (Writ of Possession) from the housing developer as she couldn’t afford to pay the monthly housing loan.”

Team Dynamic also helped her apply for welfare assistance of RM250 monthly and a one-off claim of Bantuan Ilat of RM359.09. She is not eligible for a monthly pension.

“At the moment, Blessed Church, Trinity Methodist Church as well as Hope Place have been giving attention to this family,” he shared.

Generous members of the public who wish to help may contact Helena at 011-11933376. — DayakDaily