‘BN ministers, reps should fulfil responsibilities, not demand thanks’

The poor condition of a section of the Long Luping-Ba Kelalan road.

KUCHING, Feb 21: Barisan Nasional (BN) ministers and elected representatives should be thankful the people, instead of expecting gratitude for fulfilling their responsibilities, such as building a decent road, said Ba Kelalan assemblyman Baru Bian.

“This arrogant attitude of some of the BN ministers and elected representatives needs to go. They must realise that they are elected to serve the people, and are paid out of the public purse to do so.

“They (BN representatives) should be the ones who thank the people for putting them in their eminent positions of influence, which are used shamelessly by some to amass great wealth for themselves and their families and cronies. They should thank the people for paying taxes and GST and for putting up with an incompetent government for so long,” Baru said in a press statement.

Referring to Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri James Masing’s recent statement that he was missing a ‘thank you’ note from Baru on the government’s effort in upgrading the Long Luping-Ba Kelalan Road, Baru said many areas along the road were still in very bad condition.

“I find it unbelievable that Masing can be so proud of this type of road that he wants me to thank him for it. Compared with the roads in West Malaysia, our rural roads are nothing to shout about,” said Baru, adding that even Sabah has better roads.

Motorcyclists navigating through a difficult section of the Long Luping-Ba Kelalan road.

Aside from the fact that it is plain embarrassing to expect to be thanked each time for carrying out the government’s responsibilities and duties towards the people, Baru said that such a statement from the DCM is a reflection of the outdated ‘towkay’ attitude of some of the BN old-timers.

He pointed out the fact that many BN politicians live lavishly while the majority of the natives of Sarawak in the rural areas live in conditions that have hardly changed over 50 years of BN rule, with poor infrastructure, inadequate medical facilities, dilapidated schools, and no access to grid electricity and treated water as some of the dismal conditions rural Sarawakians have had to put up with.

“These BN politicians should apologise to the people for failing them all these years, not only in allowing the federal government to neglect Sarawak for so long but also for being complicit in this shameful neglect,” he said.

Baru said he had commended Masing for his stand on religious freedom, and he would also thank him if he could assist in the amendment of the Land Code to recognise ‘pulau galau’ and ‘pemakai menoa’, but not for providing basic amenities such as roads which are the basic rights of the people. — DayakDaily