Authorities urged to act quickly to fix sinkhole at school

Abdul Aziz shows the location of the sinkhole in SMK Sungai Tapang.

KUCHING, May 26: Democratic Action Party’s (DAP) Abdul Aziz Isa urges the state Education Department and Public Works Department to take immediate action to repair a sinkhole in SMK Sungai Tapang here.

He said the sinkhole is posing a danger to those passing by including the students and teachers.

Abdul Aziz who is Special Assistant to state DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen received a complaint from an SMK Sungai Tapang Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) member regarding the sinkhole near the school hall that posed a threat to the students and teachers passing nearby.

“The sinkhole was caused by the heavy downpour during the past few days which gradually eroded the soil underneath the drain. The sinkhole has damaged part of the structure of the drain next to the stairway.

“To overcome the situation temporarily, the school has covered part of the damaged structure using roof zinc to prevent water pouring under the damaged drain which can cause bigger sinkholes.

“Since the stairway is near to the school hall and Block B building, it may pose serious danger to the students if no actions are taken by the relevant authority,” said Abdul Aziz in a statement today.

Abdul Aziz getting more information about the sinkhole at SMK Sungai Tapang.

He said for safety reasons, the school also had put up warning signage to prevent anyone from passing through the damaged site.

“Thus, on behalf of the school and PTA, I’ve submitted two letters to the State Education Department and Public Works Department (Civil Engineering and Structure Branch) for immediate action.

“I hope that the two relevant authorities as mentioned above will not delay the repair work for the safety of the students and the teachers in the school,” said Abdul Aziz. — DayakDaily