Aspirasi urges state govt to provide RM500 in emergency basic income for six months

Buln Ribos

KUCHING, April 13: Sarawak People’s Aspiration Party (Aspirasi) has called on the state government to provide Emergency Basic Income (EBI) of RM500 to Sarawakians aged 18 and above for six months.

Its chairman Buln Ribos opined that EBI will encourage the youth and young adults to spend money and stimulate domestic demand and the local economy.

“Our call for EBI would help the Sarawak economy through direct cash injection that would generate money flow and stimulate demand for goods and services, as supply without demand would not revitalise the economy.

“Today, I make the call because I feel there is a desperate need to help Sarawakians who have lost their income and soon their savings will dry up.

“Hunger can cause the worst of social instabilities and these dire straits need to be addressed immediately” Buln asserted in a statement.

Buln also urges the Sarawak government not to utilise taxpayers’ money and its treasury reserves to the credit of politicians and political parties, as assistance should be channelled through the relevant government institutions.

He expressed hope that the people’s welfare will be managed efficiently during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He also expressed his appreciation to the Sarawak government for helping the business community and the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). He believed businesses would not do well if consumers had no money to spend.

Buln urged all Sarawakians to keep calm, stay at home and observe the directives of the authorities to overcome the Covid-19 crisis. — DayakDaily