Anticipating Covid-19 outbreak in Sibu Jaya, SRDC calls for preparatory actions

Sempurai Petrus Ngelai

KUCHING, Jan 29: Issuing a stern warning of possible raging Covid-19 cases in Sibu Jaya, Sibu Rural District Council (SRDC) called on residents to take preparatory and precautionary to minimise the impact.

SRDC chairman Sempurai Petrus Ngelai, in a press statement today, warned that the number of possible positive PCR tests in Sibu Jaya is expected to escalate.

Sibu Jaya is one of the biggest and most successful new planned townships in Sarawak. It has an estimated population of over 30,000 and more than 7,000 units of houses and commercial buildings in registered as rateable properties.

“As such, Sibu Jaya is indeed facing a huge challenge in the next few weeks. We must work together to overcome this challenge,” he urged.

Sempurai thus made the following appeals to the residents of Sibu Jaya:

1. In the likely event that PCR swab tests are necessary, all residents in Sibu Jaya must voluntarily come forward to undergo the PCR swab tests in an orderly manner.

2. In the likely event that Sibu Jaya will be completely lockdown, please stay calm and fully cooperate with the police. No one is allowed to leave Sibu Jaya without proper approval from the police.

3. All residents must strictly adhere to SOP (standard operating procedure). Please stay at home and do not leave your house. At all times, no social gathering is allowed in Sibu Jaya.

In view of a possible outbreak, he also appealed to the police to take stern actions such as issuing heavy compounds without further advance warning to those people who are openly flaunting the rules and regulations of the MCO (Movement Control Order) by organising social gatherings.

“It is with much regrets to note that many employers in Sibu Jaya, irrespective of whether they are providing essential services, are operating with full workforce.

“Under the rules and regulations of MCO, only businesses providing essential services are allowed to operate with a maximum of 30 per cent workforce,” he reminded.

On this, Sempurai also urged the police to take stern actions such as issuing heavy compound without further warnings against these business operators who are openly flaunting the MCO rules and regulations.

SRDC, he added, fully supported the requirements to apply for work permits to the police.

“It is a good policy to deter those employers who adamantly still operate with full work force.

“However, many people told us that the police should provide e-applications so that businessmen do not need to queue up outside the police stations,” he took note. — DayakDaily