Ang says there is hope in midst of gloom in CNY message

Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon (File Photo).

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KUCHING, Feb 11: There is hope despite the current despair faced by the global community as a result of the devastating effects of Covid-19 pandemic, said local philanthropist and social activist Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon.

“This New Year is possibly the most challenging within living memory, as we face all the challenges brought into our lives by the invincible micro mini enemy the Covid-19, that has disrupted our lives, our lifestyle and the world’s economy.

“The outbreak of the pandemic, however, does provide a brief space for nature to show us that blue skies and crispy air are still achievable, but at a price.

“It is the patriotic and moral duty of all citizens everywhere to see to it that the present Covid-19 pandemic is contained. That the deadly enemy is defeated. The war must be won,” said Ang in his Chinese New Year message.

He added that the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented in mankind’s history which has caused massive suffering and loss of lives.

“Most countries are in lockdown. But this is not by choice, but by force of circumstances. That every single movement is defined, and all human activities strictly enforced by law.

Unprecedented, a situation without any parallel in the entire human history,” he stressed.

As such Ang called on the people to abide by the standard operating procedures (SOP) in order to break the chain of the transition of the deadly coronavirus.

“The Eastern culture instilling empathy and responsibility to the community is important at this most trying and most difficult times when millions of people are infected and thousands of precious lives are lost every day in the world.

“Unfortunately most people, particularly in the West consider the stringent preventive measures, wearing masks, social distancing, isolation and lockdown as an affront to their freedom and their fundamental human rights instead of considering them as a means to an end, the end of the spread, and the pandemic,” he said.

Ang pointed out that the ray of hope for humanity was the fact that common sense has begun to prevail in the rather troubled countries coupled with the development of vaccines.

“The various vaccines that have been developed, and available now, will hopefully contain the Covid-19 pandemic. It is to be hoped that the wealthy nations will be fair in the distribution of the vaccines as all lives are important.

“This unprecedented pandemic has, therefore, not only taken many lives, paralysed the entire global economy, caused mass unemployment but also affected the mental health of millions everywhere,” he said.

Ang also commended the dedication of frontliners who have put their lives on the line to assist others.

“As the Covid-19 pandemic has yet to be contained, and positive cases are escalating globally, my thoughts and prayers are with the thousands of dedicated medical frontliners, supporting staff, the essential services the police and armed forces, firefighters, cooks and kitchen staff, food riders, dustmen, who work to keep everyone safe, and the fourth estate keeping us informed,” he said.

“Thank you frontliners, all, each and everyone for the sterling work done. We are all grateful for personal sacrifices and contributions,” he said.

On the Chinese New Year celebration, Ang said it has to be done in a new norm which only involved family members.

“The Chinese New Year is still a time for celebration, heralding the dawn of another blessed year. -DayakDaily