9 longhouses in Pakan among 20 areas being placed under lockdown in Sarawak

A file photo of a stop sign placed before the entrance to an area under Enhanced Movement Control Order (EMCO).

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KUCHING, Sept 11: Nine longhouses in Pakan are among the 20 areas that have been placed under lockdown in Sarawak. 

The State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), in a statement today, said the Enhanced Movement Control Order (ECMO) for the nine longhouses will come into effect from Sept 11 to 24.
The nine longhouses involved are Rh Elly in Kerangan Langgir, Rh Ganda in Mading, Rh Kadam in Sg Buloh Wak, Rh Barak in Nyalak Ili, Rh Jembau in Tanjong Kedang, Rh Suie in Wak, Rh Richard Dom in Lubok Geraji, Rh Mancha in Nanga Moa of Ulu Sigai, and Rh Lawang in Sg Kura. 

Four longhouses in Betong will also go under lockdown from Sept 12 to 25. They are Rh Alexander in Aur Bangat, Rh Basil Malaka in Traie of Debak, Rh Dussie in Bukong Asal and Rh Mandau in Sg Rian of Spaoh. 

In Sarikei, EMCO will be enforced on two longhouses namely Rh Rampai in Sg Anyit Selangan and Rh Usay in Sg Tukup near Sare from Sept 12 to 25. 

In Pusa, two villages of Kampung Hulu and Kampung Semarang, both in Maludam will also be affected by the lockdown until Sept 24. 

The remaining three areas placed under lockdown are Kampung San Demam in Undop, Sri Aman (Sept 8 to 21), Rh Peter Anak Suring in Sg Silas Tabau near Jalan Ulu Sebauh, Bintulu (Sept 9 to 22) and Rh Vicky Anak Angkalom in Jalan Tatau-Bintulu in Bintulu (Sept 10 to 23). 

EMCO has also been extended for five areas namely Rh Niglah in Bara, Lubok Antu (Sept 11 to 25) as well as Rh Sambun in Nanga Kesit, Lubok Antu; Rh Gindu in Lubau Baru, Betong; Kampung Hilir in Beladin, Pusa; and Kampung Keranji in Lundu from Sept 12 to 25. — DayakDaily