Youths urged to adapt to work environment

Kejam Lumpoh (third right) receives recognition for her outstanding performance as a wielder at Job Carnival held in Kapit with Masing (fourth right), Nyabong (second right) and Jamit (third left) among those attending the function.

KAPIT, March 17: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing called on the young people of Kapit to make a paradigm switch by adopting the culture and values of the companies they are working for.

He said it was time for them to change and tried to fit into the system lest they are left behind and become irrelevant.

“We used to be from an agrarian society where we were farmers and hunters. We decided when to work and when not to. We were our own boss.

“However, the world has changed. We are no longer farmers and hunters. When we work for others, we need to follow their work ethic instead of ours,” said Masing while officiating the one-day “Job Carnival” held in Kapit today.

He said there were instances where young people, after taking up a job, failed to be consistent in their performance.

“They work, but only for a few months, then they quit. That would not fare well for them in the long run.

“Do make sure that after you manage to get the job, stay on the job. Succumb to the ethic of the company you are working for,” said Masing.

Masing (fourth right) congratulates Simon Ambap, a female wielder who was awarded recognition for being an outstanding worker by her company while Nyabong (second right), Jamit (third left) and others look on.

Masing, who is also Infrastructure Development and Transportation Minister praised two female wielders and three female site engineers who were given acknowledgement and recognition by their respective companies for outstanding performance.

“I hope our young people especially the young men can rise up and be models for their community by becoming trustworthy and responsible staff for those recruiting them,” he said.

Masing also expressed appreciation to the Labour Department for holding the job carnival in Kapit which saw 25 companies brought in to do direct recruitment.

“There is no Internet (access) in Kapit. So it is difficult for our young people to apply for jobs when now a lot of recruitment is done online.

“I appreciate the Labour Department for making the arrangement to bring 25 companies to Kapit and conduct in-situ interviews for those who are interested in the jobs.

“This kind of arrangement give a lot of convenience to our young people who have just graduated with SPM,” said Masing.

Also present at the function were Belaga assemblyman Wilson Nyabong Ijang and Bukit Goram assemblyman Jefferson Jamit Unyat. — DayakDaily