Worse flooding ever recorded in Ba’Kelalan after continuous rainfall closes airport, inundates villages

Continuous rainfall on Wednesday in Ba'kelalan has resulted in heavy flooding.

KUCHING, May 20: Ba’Kelalan recorded its largest flood occurrence following continuous rainfalls since Wednesday, as water levels rose in certain areas and halted airport operations.

According to Sarawak Public Communication Unit (Ukas) in a news report today (May 20), the flood was the largest ever recorded in the Ba’kelalan area.

The continuous rainfall also caused water levels in certain areas in Ba’kelalan to rise and flooded some of the villages.

The flood has caused all land connectivity in the area to be impassable, and the Ba’kelalan short take-off and landing airport (STOLport) was also affected due to the air traffic control tower being located on lower ground, in front of the Apple Lounge lodge.

Some of the houses in the villages along the Sungai Kelalan were also flooded, including in Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Bakelalan and Sekolah Maktab Telogia, and no casualties were reported. –DayakDaily.