Why was the Bukit Balau-Banting Road delayed for so long, questions PBDSB

Cobbold at the road junction to Kampung Tuba and Kampung Mentu.

SRI AMAN, May 4: Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak Baru (PBDSB) candidate for Sri Aman Cobbold John Lusoi questions the reasons behind the long-delayed Bukit Balau-Banting Road.

He said Banting is the birthplace of the second Dayak Chief Minister Penghulu Tawi Sli.

“What’s surprising is that the Bukit Balau-Banting Road has long been proposed, but why only now there is a ground-breaking ceremony?” asked Cobbold in a statement yesterday.

He claimed that for the last 55 years, Sri Aman has remained unchanged.

“Development in Sri Aman has not changed much since Sarawak joined Malaya and North Borneo (now Sabah) to form Malaysia.

“This is particularly disappointing especially for the residents of Sri Aman. For 55 years Sri Aman people have been waiting for infrastructure and basic amenity development.

“It is time for the residents of Sri Aman to think about changing their current representative in this government because they have failed to carry out their responsibilities to the people. The grievances of the people need to be heard and not be neglected,” said Cobbold.

Cobbold who is also PBDSB president and the only candidate of the party in this general election said Sri Aman needed sustainable physical infrastructure development.

He said basic infrastructure such as paved roads, clean water supply and electricity supply were necessities and after 55 years, the government had failed to provide such basic facilities for the people in many parts of Sri Aman.

“In Sri Aman parliament constituency, there are many unpaved roads in physical view such as those in Tuba, Mentu and also in Tabung. I will urge the federal government to build roads in those areas if I am elected Parliamentary representative,” said Cobbold. — DayakDaily