We’re probing many `big fishes’ in Sarawak, assures state MACC chief

Razim fielding questions from the media.

By Karen Bong

KUCHING, July 5: There are many ‘big fishes’ being investigated for alleged corrupt practices in Sarawak, revealed Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Sarawak director Razim Mohd Noor.

While he did not name them as it was unethical as they have not been charged or proven guilty, he only admitted there were many ‘big fishes’ and not only one.

“Cases under investigation are confidential, so it is not right to reveal their names. Normally, Putrajaya will handle the sensitive issues but it is also up to the decision from the top. If the case is passed to Sarawak, we will handle it,” he said.

He was met after a press conference on ‘Semarak Pertiwiku’ Musical Theater at the State Integrity and Ombudsman Unit Office in the Chief Minister’s Department in Baitul Makmur Building here today.

As for individuals or profiles who had been cleared, Razim explained that reinvestigation would be done if there were new issues or evidence submitted.

“It depends on the case (whether there is a new development) as there was no point in reinvestigating an old case or issue as the outcome would be the same,” he added.

He was asked to clarify reports and complaints about corruption involving high profile cases in Sarawak in which MACC headquarters in Putrajaya had taken actions to investigate.

On whether the documents submitted by Pakatan Harapan (PH) Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen was related to the ‘big fishes’, Razim did not elaborate but assured that the documents had been submitted to Putrajaya for their decision and action.

“Some (documents) were repeated (old issues or cases), but we also submit. It is up to headquarters to look into it and decide whether the information is old ones or if it is a new complaint and case,” he explained.

He added that so far, Sarawak had not been instructed to handle the ‘sensitive’ cases.

“We cannot provide too many or detailed information as we must take into consideration the repercussions and consequences on the individual reputation, especially those with social standing in the community and society.

“But don’t worry, the investigation will be done, and we will not sweep it under the carpet or keep them locked away,” he assured.

Whether the case was small or big, Razim reassured they would not be taken lightly and equal attention would be given in the investigation.

“There are big cases in Sarawak that had been charged. And if you (media) are aware, some also involved heads of departments, which actions have been taken,” he highlighted.

Meanwhile, Chong has revealed in a press statement yesterday that he had on January this year personally submitted some documents related to alleged corrupt practices involving the state government to the MACC.

Razim was also quoted in a Bernama report as saying that more than 50 reports on alleged corruption in the state, including complaints against high-profile individuals, had been received so far.

However, he said any report or complaint about corruption involving high-profile individuals in the state would be referred to the MACC headquarters in Putrajaya as Sarawak MACC only acts as the liaison office. — DayakDaily