Vandalism puts elevator out of service at Pujut quarantine centre, but frontliners soldier on

Food awaiting distribution to patients at PKRC Pujut. Staff were forced to use the stairs after an act of vandalism caused the elevator in the six-storey building to be put out-of-order.

By Jaythaleela K

MIRI, Sept 21: An elevator at the Covid-19 Quarantine and Treatment Centre (PKRC) in Pujut was reportedly out-of-order on Saturday (Sept 18) due to an act of vandalism.

Six hours of repair work was carried out on that same day, resulting in the successful restoration of elevator service.


According to a statement by Miri Hospital today, two police reports were lodged over the incident.

Based on the report lodged, a man whom had been just discharged from the PKRC went berserk after his cigarettes were confiscated by health workers.

The statement added, that the elevator had stopped functioning around 11.45am (Saturday), and upon learning of the situation the PKRC management immediately initiated repairs at 12.10 noon.

As the incident occurred during lunch hour, health workers had to use staircases to bring and distribute food to patients at the six-storey PKRC building and this situation had led to delays in the patients’ discharge process that day.

PKRC Pujut only has four staff on duty for each shift.

The elevator resumed operation at 6.40pm.

Meanwhile, in a development related to the incident, police here this morning detained a man to assist their investigations into the incident. — DayakDaily

Caption-A health worker preparing to bring packet of food to the PKRC Pujut.
Caption-The elevator’s dysfunction had force health workers to use the stairca