Unity Minister: Niti Daun Gawai Dayak should be organised every year

Ladies flaunting their traditional costumes during the Niti Daun Gawai Dayak 2023 at Kuching Waterfront on June 17, 2023.

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By Shikin Louis

KUCHING, June 17: The Niti Daun Gawai Dayak (parade) should be made into an annual event, says Minister of National Unity Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang.

He noted that Niti Daun was first held in 1993, followed by 2018, and the latest being this year.

“I think this (Niti Daun) should be an annual event. Of course, we have to coincide with Gawai because this is an event to mark the end of Gawai,” he told reporters when met at Niti Daun Gawai Dayak 2023 at Kuching Waterfront today.

Aaron Ago Dagang (file photo).

He further stated that the success of the grand event was the result of unity.

“It was never easy to organise something like this if there’s no unity. This is the result of unity. When there’s unity, people come together, people are happy, people don’t fight, people cooperate (sic). That’s the meaning of unity.

“Coming together is a process and the beginning of unity. If you have no interest and cannot mix with others, meaning you don’t come (together). That is how we evaluate unity.

“You see the result of today’s event; it is the result of the cooperation and unity in Sarawak,” he added.

The Lun Bawang contingent playing flute during the Niti Daun Gawai Dayak at Kuching Waterfront on June 17, 2023.

Aaron also described the Niti Daun event as grander in terms of ethnic participation than the recently concluded Unity Week held at the same venue.

“I attended Niti Daun many years ago, but it was not as grand as this. This is very grand. That is why I was rushing from Sabah to participate in this event.

“This Niti Daun is a very good showcase for me in the Ministry of National Unity, and I think this is the result of unity,” he emphasised. — DayakDaily