Unidentified man’s body missing arms and legs found floating in Sg Kuala Baram

The body was discovered floating in Sungai Kuala Baram today (April 21, 2024).

By Tedong Rantayy

MIRI, April 21: Local fishermen made the grim discovery today of the lifeless body of a man without arms and legs floating in Sungai Kuala Baram.

The identity of the deceased has yet to be determined. There also appeared to be traces of crocodile bites on the deceased’s face and back.

After receiving a distress call at 3.45pm, firefighters and police personnel promptly rushed to the scene, where efforts are underway to uncover clues regarding the man’s identity and the circumstances surrounding his demise.

There is speculation that the body may be connected to the case of a missing teenage boy, aged 18, who was reported missing after slipping and falling from a dockyard in Kuala Baram while bathing on March 4 this year.

Investigations are ongoing to determine any potential links between the two incidents. — DayakDaily