Tiong: Rise of gender quality, feminism sign of social progress

A screenshot of Tiong's International Women's Day video on his Facebook page.

KUCHING, March 8: The rise of gender equality and feminism has been one of the indicators of social progress, said Bintulu MP Dato Sri Tiong King Sing.

In a post made on his social media page today to celebrate International Women’s Day, Tiong said that each person must be seen as an independent individual with their own roles in the family, society, and their country.

“Modern women can be the pillars of both their families and in the workplace. No matter which state they find themselves in, they have the potential to bloom with self-confidence, patience, and brilliance.”

He said throughout the nation’s growth, cultural environments have shaped how the roles of men and women are seen.

“But within different circumstances and restrictions, we have all been victims at some points of stagnated thinking and losing the desire to explore other possible options further.

“Only by breaking the shackles of the past and eliminating prejudice and stereotypes can the gender equality movement be truly liberated and give everyone more freedom of choice.”

He went on to say that no one should be defined using a single word but instead be encouraged to explore and embrace new challenges endlessly.

“Let’s work together to break down prejudices, eliminate stereotypes, and realise our unique selves. Complement each other in making progress, cross boundaries, and achieve equality.” — DayakDaily