SUPP youth: Malicious to say GPS part of “unholy union”

SUPP Youth secretary-general Milton Foo.

KUCHING,  Aug 1:  Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) youth secretary Milton Foo views Sarawak Pakatan Harapan Chief Chong Chieng Jen’s statement that Gabungan Party Sarawak (GPS) is part of UMNO and PAS coalition as “malicious”.

He urged Chong who is also Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister to stop play politics by fanning hatred against GPS.

“Chong’s allegation that GPS was the third leg in the unholy union between the UMNO and PAS is not only frivolous and vexatious but also malicious in nature, having known very well that GPS is a Sarawak-based political coalition stands by itself to focus on fighting Sarawak’s rights for the people of Sarawak.”


“I put it to Chong that if he is serious and sincere about fighting for Sarawak, he should talk less and stop playing politics by stirring up hatred against GPS government but walk the talk in their manifesto especially to return to Sarawak 20 per cent oil royalty and 50 per cent tax revenue collected in Sarawak as well as RM2000 yearly oil dividend to be paid out to each Sarawakian after they have taken control of the federal government,” said Foo in a statement today.

Chong had recently labelled GPS as the third leg in UMNO-PAS “unholy union” and vowed to bring down the coalition at the next upcoming Sarawak Election.

Chong who is also Stampin MP and Kota Sentosa Assemblyman cited the failure of Parliament to pass the amendment of Federal Constitution Article 1(2) as an evidence that GPS and UMNO as well as PAS were working closely together as a team.

“With regards to the defeat of constitutional amendment bill as accused by Chong, Chong as a legally trained wakil rakyat (elected representative) should know the basic principle of statutory interpretation and the importance of linguistic usage in the provisions of Article 1(2) of Federal Constitution.

“The refusal to include ‘pursuant to MA63’ to the provisions simply means that PH does not intend to manifest the true spirit of MA63 by restoring the status of equal partner to Sarawak and Sabah in the federation,” said Foo.— DayakDaily