SUPP PCB seeking amicable solution for land dispute

Yap (right) with the Malay landowner seeking his assistance at SUPP office

KUCHING, July 19:  Landowners must have their land surveyed professionally to avoid any issues of encroachment or trespassing onto their land.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Public Complaints Bureau (SPCB) Chief, Wilfred Yap said that the issue caught his attention when he was recently approached by a landowner who informed him that a community hall had been built on his land without his knowledge or consent.

Yap said the landowner revealed that he was in a difficult situation as he did not want to deprive his fellow villagers of the use of the said community hall but on the other hand, it was not fair to him that he was deprived of the benefit of usage of his own land.

“In view of his predicament, he sought for my advice and assistance on how best to amicably settle his predicament of the encroachment of the community hall on his land with all the affected parties,” said Yap in a statement.

“I have written an appeal on his behalf to the Member of Parliament and State Assemblyman of the constituency in which the village is situated for their assistance to arrive at an amicable settlement by way of reasonable compensation for the alleged encroachment/trespass due to the construction of the community hall on the landowner’s land,” he said.

Yap added that he empathized with the landowner on his predicament and will try its best to mediate between the parties for a win-win situation for all parties.

“I will continue to follow up and monitor the situation until an amicable solution and settlement to the satisfaction of all affected parties are agreed upon,” he said.

As assistance to the general public, SPCB appended below comprehensive list on what should be done by landowners facing issues of encroachment/trespass onto their land:

1.  Have a professional land survey done as a land survey can help ensure that the boundaries are clearly understood;

2.  If a land survey determines that there really is an encroachment, than it would be appropriate to talk things out between the affected parties to arrive at an amicable solution;

3.  Affected parties can also consider using an independent party as mediator as this would enhance the possibility of solving the encroachment issue amicably and without animosity;

4.  Resorting to legal action should only be the last option.

SUPP Public Complaints Bureau is always ready to highlight to the relevant authorities and lend a helping hand to the anyone or association facing problems or who come across problems of public interest but does not know how to deal with it.

Anyone requiring assistance can always call SUPP Public Complaint’s mobile number at 016-7797688 or 082-246999 or go direct to SUPP Head Office to request for assistance.— DayakDaily