Success is mixture of self-discipline, individual responsibility, says activist

Datuk Seri Ang Lai Soon (file photo).

KUCHING, May 1: A combination of self-discipline and individual responsibility is the essence of the success of every human group or country, opines human rights activist Ang Lai Soon.

Amid the challenging pandemic, he said one is often reminded of how important individual discipline and responsibility are to the welfare, health and overall collective good of the society and nation.

He said self-discipline and individual responsibility, which complement each other and must co-exist, can be witnessed by the Muslims throughout Ramadan.

“For Muslims, it is particularly so as it marks another triumph of the human spirit against earthly temptations as they abstain from food, drinks, and other human desires from dawn to dusk for a whole month.

“This is a truly incredible feat of self-discipline. We all know that any human endeavour worth pursuing can only be attained with some degree of perfection through self-discipline,” he said in a statement today.

Without these characteristics among the people, Ang said wars and conflicts could easily happen, like in some countries that are constantly at war, but not in Malaysia.

“We are rather fortunate that our society still, by and large, emphasises collective responsibilities and the common good over individual rights, which sometimes, in some countries, can be upheld to the extreme,” he said.

He viewed that all warring nations need the self-discipline demonstrated by Muslims, especially throughout Ramadan, to avoid catastrophe due to violence.

“May we all continue to live in peace and harmony and be united in our efforts to build a cohesive, caring, progressive and vibrant nation, of which we are justly proud.

“Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends wherever they may be,” he added. — DayakDaily