Snowdan: Sarawak Budget 2021 debunks opposition’s bankruptcy claims

Datuk Snowdan Lawan

KUCHING, Nov 10: The rhetoric by the opposition that Sarawak will go bankrupt in three years is proven by this year’s state budget to be wrong and uttered with malice, says PRS Youth Chief Datuk Snowdan Lawan.

“Yesterday, (Nov 9) our CM tabled yet another development and rural-biased budget with expected receivable revenue to stand at RM10.012 billion and expenditure at RM9.832 billion making a surplus budget of RM180 million for year 2021.

“That will prove the person who uttered that ill intended rhetoric is not only ignorant but a shameful author of his own thoughts,” Snowdan asserted in a statement today.

The Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) leader added that with its underlying theme “Reinvigorating the Economy towards a Resilient, Caring and Inclusive Society”, the state budget is people-centric with emphasis on economic recovery, securing the people’s well-being, food security and agriculture, strengthening social security, advancing digital economy and human capital development as its six main thrusts.

“On development, gaps between rural and urban (areas) will be bridged with the RM6.3 billion allocation and a large portion of RM4.251 billion (67 per cent) for the rural infrastructures,” he said.

Additionally, Snowdan who is also Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports highlighted the people’s need for affordable housing was also addressed with RM93 million in allocations and monthly rental assistance of RM200 for those eligible.

“Water stressed areas and (lack of) electricity will be addressed by RM1.7 billion and RM1.398 billion in allocations respectively

“And to ensure sufficient food supply and minimise imports, a sum of RM1.123 billion is allocated for food security and agriculture. So our farmers should take advantage of this and endeavour on large-scale production,” he opined.

Snowdan also pointed out that the people’s social security was strengthened by the state budget with efforts to look after vulnerable groups via various incentives, welfare and post-natal assistance, free school bus services, stationed haemodialysis centres, fire relief and the Kenyalang Gold Card.

“Connectivity by roads or digital access will be improved and broadened.

“Our human capital development received quite a fair share with RM83.3 million to address dilapidated schools and so too child development, early childhood (facilities), science centres and training programmes. With these public investments and possibly foreign direct investments (FDI) pouring in, Sarawak foresees better economic performance come 2021,” added the Balai Ringin assemblyman.

The controversial remarks that Sarawak will go bankrupt after three years, was purportedly uttered by Democratic Action Party (DAP) secretary-general and former Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng at the ‘Sarawak, Here We Come’ dinner organised by Sarawak DAP here on June 21 last year.

Lim had claimed that Sarawak’s RM30 billion in reserves would run out in three years with its annual budget of RM11 billion. — DayakDaily