Snowdan: Leadership crisis, diminishing support reasons for Sng’s resignation

Snowdan Lawan (file photo).

KUCHING, Dec 22: Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) Youth chief Datuk Snowdan Lawan speculates that the lack of leadership and diminishing support from the people are the main reasons why PKR Sarawak chief Larry Sng is quitting his post.

“To say that handing over the party to the Dayak so as to lend the party more credibility is far too remote a reason to digest. He fabricates and camouflage his reasons, the tricks they are well known for, politically.

“Since he knows that PKR credibility is better in the hands of the Dayak, be that in the civil service, economy or politics, why only quits now? Why accepted the post in the first place?”  Snowdan asked in a press statement issued here today.

The Balai Ringin Assemblyman asserted that Sng also knew by now that PKR is a sinking ship.

“It looks like PKR is a sinking ship and is probably fighting a losing battle in Sarawak. People, especially the Dayaks have no hope and trust in this party anymore.

“It’s leaders had jumped ship for reasons best known to themselves. Being unprincipled, they can no longer champion the struggles of the people. Native Customary rights rights used to be their trademark but now they abandoned it and become accomplices instead,” said Snowdan who is responding to the recent political development of Sng resigning from PKR Sarawak chief post.

Snowdan who is also Youth and Sports Assistant Minister pointed out that PKR must have realised that the State’s amended Land Code Bill has provided good remedies for NCR issues.

He said that the people of Sarawak are aware that PKR ‘reformasi’ struggle is for one man only and not for the people.  On the other side of the divide, the people are well taken care of by GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) government.

To Snowdan, the fact that Sng is a representative of a predominantly rural-based Dayak parliamentary constituency of Julau would make Sng a valuable asset for other opposition parties.

Meanwhile, Snowdon advised PKR supporters to abandon the party just like what former PKR leaders had done.

“Their interests are in power tussles while neglecting the real tangible development which the people longed for.

“People-oriented and development-centric GPS is a much better choice instead,” said Snowdan. — DayakDaily