Sng to stay “a little while longer”, insisting on a Dayak leader to contest as CM candidate

Larry Sng

KUCHING, Dec 23:  Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Sarawak chief Larry Sng will maintain his position “a little while longer” but insisting on a Dayak chief who will be contesting in the upcoming election as a chief minister candidate.

“I am willing to consider staying back to lead for a little while longer, if this idea is acceptable to Keadilan’s federal leaders and our coalition partners,” said Sng in a statement in response to the question if he will be staying put following PKR Sarawak leaders expressing their strong support for his leadership.

He however, continued to cling on the notion of having a Dayak leading Pakatan Harapan forward into the upcoming Sarawak Election.

“After consultation with PKR State leaders and coalition partners, the consensus is that the selection of a Dayak leader to lead PH into Sarawak’s state election and my offer to resign as MPN chairman are two separate issues.

“Keadilan Sarawak’s State leaders have given me their full confidence and support to remain to lead MPN and do not object to my proposal to identify a suitable Dayak leader to lead us into the election.

“Our coalition partners too have been informed and are willing to discuss this matter seriously in early January.

“I am confident that if my proposal is accepted, PH will go into the state election with a Dayak Chief Minister candidate. And should we win the state election, he will be Sarawak’s third Dayak Chief Minister in our history,” said Sng.

He believed that such decision was necessary to create equal opportunities for the Dayak who are the largest race but whom, he alleged, are marginalised in every field and industry in Sarawak.

Sng who is also Julau MP further claimed that the Dayak community which are the poorest, has lost their lands to the big tycoons of Sarawak while their chances for promotions are by passed.

“This to me is extremely unfair.  There is no better time than now, to raise this issue so as to fulfil the aspiration of those who have been marginalised, so that the issues that affect them the most will be given utmost priority.

“Since Gabungan Parti Sarawak has been unable to offer this dream to the Sarawak people. Perhaps PH can,” said Sng.

Sng expressed his intention to resign as PKR Sarawak chief on Monday (Dec 21, 2020) but in an emergency meeting held yesterday, PKR Sarawak State Leadership Council (MPN) unanimously expressed support for his continual leadership until the next PKR election.— DayakDaily