MPN wants Sng to stay as Sarawak PKR chief until next party election

Abun Sui Anyit

KUCHING, Dec 22: Sarawak Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) State Leadership Council (MPN) wants Larry Sng to continue leading the party until the next PKR election.

PKR information chief Abun Sui Anyit disclosed this was the unanimous decision reached following the MPN emergency meeting today.

“During the meeting, matters arising from MPN chairman Larry Sng’s intention to resign have been discussed in depth.

“And several decisions have been made. First, the intention of YB Larry Sng to resign as the MPN chairman is rejected unanimously by all members of MPN Sarawak.

“Secondly, YB Larry Sng is supported with full mandate and unanimous voice of the members of MPN Sarawak to continue his leadership as the MPN chairman until the next PKR election,” he said in a statement issued today.

Abun Sui also reminded all members that PKR is a party for all ethnicities and backgrounds who supported the leadership based on merits irrespective of race and religion.

He also appealed to all PKR members throughout Sarawak to remain calm and give their undivided support to all party leadership from top to grassroots.

“PKR Sarawak also urged all branches and members to be united and focused on efforts in fighting for the interests of the people in their respective areas,” he added.

Meanwhile, Sng in a media post on Dec 21 had announced that he is stepping down to allow a Dayak to lead the party which is for the best interest of Sarawak PKR as well as for the Dayak community which is under-represented in the top leadership.

His rationale was that the majority of Sarawakians are Dayaks, representing 43 per cent of the population with the Malay and Chinese standing at 24 per cent.

He added that by making the change of allowing a Dayak to take over the leadership of Sarawak PKR, it would augur well and lend the party more credibility in the fight against economic inequalities in the private sector, inequalities in selection and promotion in the public service and Sarawak PKR’s resolve in addressing native customary land issues.

Sng also revealed that he will discuss the transition of leadership and selection of his replacement with party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the coming days. — DayakDaily