SMC issues stern warning against irresponsible contractors for dumping waste illegally

A scavenger picking up renovation waste at one of the illegal dumpsites in Sibu.

SIBU, Feb 26: Sibu Municipal Council is issuing a stern warning against contractors to stop dumping construction waste at illegal dumpsites or else action will be taken against them.

A visibly upset chairman, Councillor Clarence Ting disclosed that 10 illegal dumpsites had been discovered, where property contractors have been dumping their construction waste.

The 10 illegal dumpsites are located at Lorong Mahsuri, Jalan Taza, Lane 14 Bukit Lima Timur,  Jalan Kapor, Jalan Teku Lama, Unicity, Jalan Trusan, Jalan Bahagia and Old airport runway.

Enough is enough, Ting said, as cost has been incurred by council to clear these illegal dumpsites.

Not only that, after the council had removed the waste, the culprits were at it again.  In one particular case at Jalan Teku Lama, council had just removed renovation waste at the site when the culprit dumped their construction waste there again.

“It is people’s money that we are using to clear people’s waste. This must be stopped as this sort of behavior is not acceptable,” he emphasised.

Without naming any particular contractor, he stated that the council was aware of who the culprits were.

“We are going to take serious action against these renovation contractors. Do not think you can get away with it,” he said.

Ting said these illegal dumping sites were also creating social problems as two homeless families had been staying at the one in Jalan Teku Lama.

He instructed contractors to dump their construction waste at the Kemuyang public landfill.

Meanwhile, he said SMC  had started accepting digital payment for its services through Sarawak Pay and Maybank.

“Council encourages people to use Sarawak Pay as they can also enjoy instant cashback reward. On top of that the council is in collaboration with Maybank Pay,” he said, adding that members of the public could also forward their suggestions for other digital payment vendors to the council. —DayakDaily

Ting issuing a stern warning against contractors carrying out illegal dumping.