SJK (C) Chung Hua Stapok to get RM210,000 for repairs

Chong (second from left) and Yong (right) visiting SJK (C) Chung Hua Stapok today (Nov 25, 2018). In the background is the block that had its roof blown off by strong winds on Thursday (Nov 22).

By Lian Cheng

KUCHING, Nov 25: Stampin MP Chong Chieng Jen visited SJK (C) Chung Hua Stapok today and announced an allocation of RM210,000 for the school.

He said the Education Ministry had initially agreed to allocate RM75,000 to the school as an annual fund for the school’s repair and upgrading for 2018.

“But because the school experienced a disastrous incident, where the roof of one of its building blocks was blown off by strong winds on Thursday, the Education Ministry agreed to give an additional RM125,000.

“In total, the school will receive an allocation of RM200,000,” said Chong to reporters covering his visit this afternoon.

But the school will be getting RM10,000 more as Chong announced an allocation of RM10,000 from his development fund as parliamentarian of the constituency.

On Thursday (Nov 22), strong winds blew off the roof of a four-storey block at the school. There was extensive damage as the downpour that followed damaged the school library, computer room, a music room and a classroom — all located on the fourth floor.

The allocation would be used to repair the roof and electrical wiring, and rectify damage to the computers and others.

As to when the school will receive the money, Chong said the Education Ministry would liaise with the Finance Ministry on this matter.

“We believe it will happen as soon as possible as repair works need to start now so that the school block may be ready for the students when school reopens for the new term,” said Chong, who is also Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs as well as Kota Sentosa assemblyman.

Meanwhile, Pending assemblywoman Violet Yong, who was with Chong during the visit, said the fact that the Education Ministry increased the allocation from RM75,000 to RM200,000 showed that the federal government cared about Sarawak.

“It shows that the federal government emphasises on the basic infrastructure and facilities of schools in Sarawak, especially during times of disaster, where it gives attention instantly and has been very pro-active in liaising with the Finance Ministry for fund disbursement so that repair works may be completed as soon as possible.

“I am glad that they (federal government) do take note of our needs here,” said Yong. — DayakDaily