Sibu’s food never fails to impress (Travelogue Day 3)

The two brothers, Kin Chiong Lui and Chiong Teng, are busy cooking and serving Dian Mian Hu to the many customers dining in their shop.

By D’Drift Team

Bintulu, July 1: One should not miss out on savouring the ‘Dian Mian Hu’ (wok rice cake) from Chop Hing Huong as well as the ‘Long Ko’ (egg cakes) and ‘Kong Pia’ (Foochow bagel) from Xiu Long (Sibu) Confectionary when in Sibu.

Just like the famous saying that goes, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ – so did the D’Drift Team in Sibu as we kicked start our adventure on the third day today with the iconic traditional Foochow delicacies before leaving for Bintulu.

Chop Hing Huong and Xiu Long Confectionary shops are located side by side in the small alley of Jalan Blacksmith which is in the proximity of Sibu Central Market area and one of the busiest trading areas in this Swan City.

The area is always buzzing with activities and looking for a parking space can be a little bit harder but the vibrancy and liveliness in the area is a joy for the senses.

The delicious Dian Mian Hu from the famous Chop Hing Huong shop in Sibu.

Arriving at the rustic Chop Hin Huong shop, the two brothers, Kin Chiong Lui and Chiong Teng, are busy cooking and serving Dian Mian Hu to the many customers dining in.

The bowl of silky soft rice cake with light savoury soup topped with black fungus, dried squids, fish balls, pork and fried shallots still lived up to our expectations. They were yummy and satisfying.

In business for over 50 years, Chiong Lui said business was as usual since reopening after restrictions were eased for Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO).

“I have two of my children helping in the shop now. So I am half retiring already,” he told the D’Drift Team when met this late morning.

Xiu Long (Sibu) Confectionary located in Jalan Blacksmith offers one of the best egg cakes and kong pia in Sibu.

Just next to the shop is a small bakery selling a wide range of local cakes and biscuits. They make one of the best Long Koh or egg cake in Sibu.

Fresh out of the oven, these egg cakes were soft, light, spongy, not overly sweet and so delicious. It is priced at RM1 for three pieces.

We also bought some Kong Pia, a traditional Foochow pastry like bagel that is small, round, flat and chewy with sesame seeds sprinkled on top. They were really tasty and soft even after at the end of the day. It is priced at RM1 for four pieces.

The delicious egg cakes and kong pia.

After a delicious breakfast, we continued our journey to Bintulu while stopping by Selangau town for a quick lunch and then Tatau town for a toilet break.

At Tatau’s small vegetable market, D’Drift Team met aunty Wati who hailed from Sabah and her daughter Samsiah who were selling many types of ikan pusu (fried anchovies) there.

“These ikan pusu are from Sabah. I have them delivered in here. There are quite a few varieties and they are priced based on their sizes. The most expensive is the one with the head already removed,” aunty Wati shared.

Aunty Wati and daughter Samsiah selling various types of ikan pusu at Tatau’s small vegetable market.

Aunty Wati has been living in Sarawak for a long time, having moved from Miri, then Bintulu and now in Tatau.

On how the business is doing following the MCO, she simply said: “It is ok. I start business at about 7am until 5pm. There are more customers in the morning.”

The brand-new Isuzu D-Max 19.L Blue Power resting at the waterfront of Bintulu.

If it is not for the ‘rollercoster’ under-construction Pan Borneo Highway, the journey from Sibu to Bintulu with the new brand-new Isuzu D-Max 19.L Blue Power would have been comfortable for the three of us.

Nonetheless, we took the tough ride as part of our adventure on the third day of D’Drift. —DayakDaily

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