Sibu Water Board to deploy tankers to areas experiencing low water pressure ahead of festive season

File photo for illustration purposes

KUCHING, Jan 13: The Sibu Water Board (SWB) will deploy water tankers to affected areas following low water pressure issues due to high demand ahead of the festive season.

In a statement today, SWB said they had received feedback regarding the issues from residents in the Sungai Merah area (including Jalan Ulu Sungai Merah Lanes 1 to 31, Jalan Apollo, Jalan Nan Sang, Jalan Kulas, Jalan Linin & Jalan Kuang), Jalan Disa, Jalan Getah, Jalan Rumbia, Jalan Ding Lik Kong, SMK Agama Sibu, SK Agama Sibu, Jalan Teku Lama, Bawang Assan area, Melangan, Bukit Besai, Teku area, and Teku Pasai.

“Since last week, the Deshon Booster Station has had to reduce its water pumping rate caused of insufficient water supply due to the high demand for water supply ahead of the festive season.

“This has caused the areas mentioned above to suffer from low water pressure or no water, and it gets worse during peak hours,” it explained.

SWB noted they would also take immediate action to repair pipe leaks, including continuously monitoring the water supply issues at the Deshon Booster station.

The board also requested cooperation from the affected residents not to waste their water usage.

“Report to the board if there is a water leak or broken pipe,” the statement read.

To make further inquiries, requests for water supply via water tankers, or report water leaks or broken pipes, contact SWB via the 24-hour service line, 013-810 6311. — DayakDaily