Sibu Health Dept ramps up vaccination, mobile bus stations at Jln Ding Lik Kong this weekend

Lau (left) being briefed on the mobile vaccination

SIBU, July 30: The Sibu Health Department is ramping up vaccination on the last batch of people who have yet to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in the division.

SUPP Bawang Assan chairman Senator Robert Lau said the department is currently going round on a mobile bus to conduct vaccination and will move to Jalan Ding Lik Kong tomorrow and the day after (July 31 and Aug 1).

The mobile vaccination bus will be stationed at the Lorong 11C of Jalan Ding Lik Kong besides the shophouses.

“Those in this area who have not been vaccinated are urged to come out and get vaccinated. This is especially the case for the workers (both locals and foreigners) from the industries and factories in this area,” he said.

The vaccination team was at SJK Thai Kwong at Jalan Sukun here today and yesterday.

Lau said this programme is open to people without having to make appointment or registration. Registration will be done on the spot.

“One just have to bring their identity card and if the person is a foreign worker, he or she has to bring his/her passport (even if the work permit or passport has expired),’ he said.

On the number of people already vaccinated as at July 20, Lau said the number vaccinated with the first dose is 210,677 and those with two doses is 163,645.

“If we take the total number of people eligible for vaccination in Sibu Division at 242,000 (those aged 18 and above and all outstation and foreign workers staying in Sibu Division), the percentage of the vaccinated is 87 per cent (1st dose) and 68 per cent (2 doses).

“The percentage will drop to 81 per cent and 63 per cent respectively if the base (total number of people eligible for vaccination) increases to 260,000,” he added. — DayakDaily