Senator calls for internal resolution of Pandelela issue by Malaysia Aquatics

Senator Abun Sui Anyit

KUCHING, Feb 17: Dewan Negara Senator Abun Sui Anyit is urging Malaysia Aquatics (MAS) to internally resolve the issue involving national diver Datuk Pandelela Rinong Pamg.

Abun Sui, in a Facebook post yesterday (Feb 16), criticised MAS Secretary-General Andy Low’s recent remarks against Pandelela, dismissing them as irrelevant and potentially insulting.

“Every failure has a reason, that’s what the national diver has stated. But there is no need for a response that seems to insult her.

“Even if Pandelela is not allowed to give reasons, there is no need for her failure to be publicly debated before the investigation is completed,” he said in a statement recently.

He said Pandelela has contributed significantly to the country by winning major events throughout her career.

“Every athlete experiences ups and downs. Don’t only praise her when she wins, but when she is not performing, she is looked down upon,” he added.

In a Facebook post on Feb 12, Pandelela apologised to Malaysians for her failure to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics despite her best efforts at the Doha World Aquatics Championship.

According to various media reports, Pandelela, when met by reporters upon the diving squad’s return from Doha at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) on the same day, claimed that there was an interference that affected the performance of senior and junior divers.

In response, Low was quoted as suggesting that Pandelela’s remarks were merely an attempt to justify the team’s failure in Doha. — DayakDaily