Segah Sela’an Homestay: Transit point for road weary travellers transformed into thriving homestay in Ulu Baram

The DayakDaily team and Yusop Labo (left) posing for a photo by the dining area of Segah Selaan Homestay. Photo credit: Segah Selaan Homestay/Facebook

By Marlynda Meraw

KUCHING, March 26: Segah Sela’an Homestay in Long Sela’an, initially designed as a transit point to house street sleepers about a decade ago, has since achieved success and evolved into a welcoming accommodation for guests eager to explore the Ulu Baram region.

Current homestay owner Arthur Jalong Lawai, 37, said his father, Joseph Lawai Apoi, was the founder of the establishment which was originally named Segah Sela’an One Stop Homestay (SS1SHS) Kedaya Telang Usan.

Back then when homestays were rare in the interior, Joseph took the initiative to offer shelter to travellers who he often saw sleeping outdoors or in their vehicles.

“My father saw local villagers eating and sleeping by the side of the road during their travels as well as people resting in their cars because there is no place for them to stay.

“Because of this, he decided to make a transit point as a shelter for those in need so that they wouldn’t have to sleep outdoors,” Arthur said.

Arthur, manager of Segah Sela’an Homestay at Long Sela’an, Ulu Baram.

In 2015, Arthur made the decision to quit his job at a tourism agency company in Miri and returned home to Long Sela’an to continue the family business, leaving his father to enjoy his retirement.

With his innovative ideas, Arthur managed to transform a mere simple transit point to a successful homestay which attracts visitors from far and wide all year round.

“The homestay receives guests from all over the country such as visitors from Sarawak itself, West Malaysia such as Pahang and even foreigners from Europe.

“Most of our regulars are locals from Bintulu and Miri” he told DayakDaily when met at the homestay recently.

One of the rooms which is able to house an entire family in Segah Sela’an Homestay.

Segah Sela’an Homestay offers 12 rooms that are named after several villages in the vicinity such as Long San, Long Akah, Long Silat, and Long Anap, each equipped with comfortable mattresses, pillows and blankets, a standing fan, and power outlets.

While the guest rooms are upstairs, there is a mini convenience store downstairs beside the kitchen and dining area, where you can get all the local snacks and necessities.

A delicious dinner prepared by Arthur during DayakDaily’s stay at Segah Sela’an Homestay.

Should you require any internet access, prepaid rural broadband CONNECTme NOW is also for sale at the homestay.

On top of the basic amenities and scrumptious home-cooked meals, Arthur, a soft-spoken young man, left a lasting impression on DayakDaily with his professional customer service, genial hospitality, and warmheartedness. — DayakDaily