Sebuyau latest area to be hit by heavy downpour

The villager house in Sebuyau which was flooded.

SEBUYAU, Jan 10: Six villages in Sebuyau were affected by a flash flood after heavy downpour today.

Simunjan Fire and Rescue department (Bomba) in a statement said they received a call regarding the situation at 7.20am today and deployed a team of firefighters to the location.

“The flash flood occurred as a result of excessive water flow from the nearby hill after a heavy downpour.

“The affected villages are Kampung Sangki, Kampung Bulan, Kampung Ketimbong, Kampung Belimbing Besi, Kampung Lunying and Kampung Entangor,” the statement revealed.

It was also understood that a family of four, had to take refuge at their neighbors house after their house was flooded.

Firefighters monitoring the location reported that no evacuation center was open as the water levels had receded. —DayakDaily.

The flash flood that affected six villages in Sebuyau.
Firefighters are seen monitoring the flood situation in Sebuyau this morning.