Search for elderly woman missing since Nov 13 in Saratok suspended

Saratok fire chief PPgB Nazry Mohamat (in uniform) discussing with Ra’obah’s sister Ra'anah Morni other family members on the latest development

By Nancy Nais

SARATOK, Nov 20: The search for missing 69-year-old Ra’obah Morni has been suspended following the absence of new leads, says Saratok fire chief PPgB Nazry Mohamat.

The search and rescue (SAR) operations comprising firefighters, police, civil defense and villagers found no trace of Ra’obah despite seven days of full scale search.

Ra’obah from Kampung Semarang, Pusa was last seen on Nov 13 when she left her house for her farm alone. She had not been seen since then.

“Today’s search consist of four teams, with 35 people scouring the garden and river area near her farm and the road leading to THP Semarang farm with an estimated radius of 1.5km.

“Each team were assigned to a sector of about 700 meters radius each. Team A and D were led by Bomba while team B and C were led by the civil defense,” Nazry said.

In the afternoon, the team focused along the road heading to Semarang estate, Kampung Sepinang’s farm boundary and the victim’s farm boundary with a total search area of 2.3km but they failed to locate her.

“At 4.30pm, a discussions was held between Bomba together with Ra’obah’s sister Ra’anah Morni, other family members, Semarang village head Suria Azmi, resident office representative Sahadan Matrang, Beladin police Sergeant Wan Junit Wan Hassim and Betong district civil defense deputy chairman Desem Samuel.

“It was agreed by everyone that they will call off the SAR operations. However, if there are new leads on the victim, the search will resume again,” Nazry said. — DayakDaily