Satellite clinic in Tabuan Jaya included in election manifesto of GPS Sih

A pamphlet showing the election manifesto outlined by Sih Hua Tong for Batu Lintang constituency.

By Adrian Lim

KUCHING, Dec 13: Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) candidate for N11 Batu Lintang seat Sih Hua Tong has vowed to set up a new satellite clinic within the Tabuan Jaya area once elected to represent the constituency.

The initiative is among one of the eight points outlined in his election manifesto for the 12th Sarawak Election.

He said the proposed clinic may serve a local population of about 120,000 people.

“This is to ensure an ease of access to medical facility. Looking at the fact that the area is densely populated and the traffic is pretty congested, it is particularly crucial for patient to arrive at a nearby medical facility within 10 minutes in times of emergency,” he said in his election manifesto.

Sih also pledged to include Sg Maong and Sg Tabuan areas in the flood mitigation projects whereas such projects would include waterfront recreation parks projects.

He noted flooding occurs rampantly in certain areas such as Kampung Tabuan Dayak, Lorong Urat Mata 2 residential area, Jalan Tong Wei Tah residential area, Jalan Tai Shin Jar, Iris Garden, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce commercial area, Jalan Stapok residential areas, Kampung Sungai Maong Tengah, Sungai Maong residential areas, Jalan Jambu residential and commercial area, Nanas-Pisang road residential area, Kampung Sungai Laru, Lintang Park residential areas and Kampung Sungai Nada.

Other than that, he will fight to get funding to build a school hall for SMK Sg Maong.

Sih said SMK Sg Maong, which has been operational since 1983, has a student population of 1,400 but does not have a school hall at present.

Other than that, he planned to embark on building an urban living cultural village for Kampung Tabuan Dayak.

He pointed out that more programmes and resources may be drawn up to help preserve the rich culture of the village besides creating more economic opportunities and activities for the kampung folks.

Moreover, Sih hoped that a community hall may be established in Tabuan Jaya which incorporates conceptual designs that caters for an aged community.

Other pledges include setting up the Tabuan Heights Community Hall, upgrading of public parks and creating a quality and safe living environment through crime prevention initiatives. — DayakDaily