Sarawak MTUC told not to undermine congress from within

Working - file pic. // Photo: Pixabay

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KUCHING, Nov 15: The Malaysian Trade Union Congress (MTUC) Johor secretary, Boscko Augustin, has told his Sarawak counterpart Andrew Lo to be a matured trade union leader and accept the decision of the majority.

“We are not running a Sendirian Berhad union. Let us remind him that we are running a national labour centre. This is not the way to behave.

“MTUC has clarified to all affiliates via circulars of its stand and we affiliates fully know of the damage caused by the IRA Bill and support the actions of MTUC leadership, led by president Datuk Abdul Halim Mansor and secretary-general J Solomon,” he said in a statement.

Boscko claimed that Lo had attended a few of the Labour Law Reform (LLR) workshop organised by International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Lo’s attempt to push through some proposals of his choice in such as the multiplicity of unions in the same workplace was outrightly rejected by all the participants.

“We understand Lo was frustrated,” he continued.

Boscko felt that Lo, using the media to defame the leadership of MTUC and to promote his agenda, which was rejected by all the participants of the various LLR workshops is not the way forward.

He added that MTUC Johor supports the leadership of the MTUC president and secretary-general, that they are carrying out their roles to address the regressive IRA Bill for workers and trade unions in Malaysia.

Lo should respect the wishes and confidence of the delegates who have elected Abdul Halim and Solomon, as they are democratically elected because they are capable leaders.

“We the affiliates acknowledge the leadership has been working hard despite various challenges the LLR in the best interest of the 15 million workers,” explained Boscko.

Johor MTUC urged Lo to respect the decision of the majority participants in the LLR Workshops who have voiced their decision about the LLR.

He said a true trade union leaders will not try cheap stunts in undermining their labour centre or its leader. He described Lo’s actions as disgraceful and unacceptable by any genuine trade unionist who believes in trade union solidarity.

“If he (Lo) is not competent to have a decent discussion with the leadership of MTUC on trade union then he should remain silent.

“He should not be misusing the press and undermining and or jeopardise the interest of the MTUC affiliates, who diligently took part in the LLR workshop to finalise the amendments and the interest of 15 million workers, as well as the trade unions in this country,” he said.

Boscko was responding to Lo, who was reported in the DayakDaily yesterday as criticising certain individuals of its national body for disobeying the resolutions passed at the triennial delegates conference.

Lo pointed out that Abdul Halim and Solomon have imposed personal views and rants on MTUC and the workers.

He believed that union leaders should focus on how to organise the 98 per cent of non-unionised workers rather than hanging on to a dysfunctional and self-defeating system.

“MTUC position has throughout our history consistently called for the ratification of the ILO Conventions 87,” he said.

Lo observed that both leaders were in Geneva, Switzerland, last June, where Abdul Halim was the only trade union leader in the world to vote against the ILO Convention Concerning Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work. — DayakDaily