Sarawak Immigration, State Health Department and PDRM to check and monitor entry points to Sarawak

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KUCHING, Jan 30: The State Disaster Management Committee has directed the Sarawak Immigration Department, State Health Department and the Royal Malaysian Police Force (PDRM) to monitor, contain and provide enforcement in dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus (nCoV)

Following the third meeting of the State Disaster Management Committee on the integrated action plan for nCoV, it was decided the that three departments will be conducting the check and monitoring at entry points into Sarawak.

The  State Disaster Management Committee in a statement yesterday said the Sarawak Immigration Department would take the lead in monitoring all entry and exit points into Sarawak including air, land and sea.

It explained that all visitors or passengers travelling into Sarawak either by air, land or sea must fill in the health declaration form which will be provided to all visitors or passengers on arrival or while on board the aircraft or vessel or transport.

It added the completed health declaration forms are to be submitted to the Immigration officer at point of entry together with their travelling documents for instance, passport or identification card.

The State Disaster Committee pointed out that those who failed to submit the form or provide false information were liable for prosecution.

It noted the Immigration officer on duty may refer the visitor or passengers to the health medical officer on duty, if necessary.

Likewise, it added all completed forms will be handed over to the medical department for purpose of tracking if the needs arise.

At the same time, the State Disaster Management Committee has tasked the State Health Department to contain and provide medical treatment when the need arises.

It explained that those who have visited China during the outbreak were advised to undergo self-quarantine at home for at least 14 days or seek medical consultation at the nearest government hospital if they develop symptoms for example coughing and fever.

It expounded that students from China who are studying in Sarawak are not allowed to enter Sarawak until further notice.

Additionally, it said school children who has been to China especially Wuhan and Hubei province during the outbreak are advised to undergo self-quarantine at home.

The State Disaster Management Committee also reminded employers who have employees from China or just return from China to inform them to undergo self-quarantine at home.

Apart from that, it said government officers who have been to China during the outbreak are advised to undergo self-quarantine at home and seek further advice from their head of departments on the next course of actions.

In the meantime, it said the Ministry of Health will be providing a daily update on the situation.

Thus, members of the public are advised to visit the ministry’s website for latest update at

Furthermore, it added PDRM had been tasked to do the necessary enforcement and to provide public safety and security where the needs arises.

It explained that PDRM will monitor those sharing and spreading false news especially on social media.

It pointed out that action may be taken against those who spread fake news under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Irresponsible individuals were advised to refrain from sharing and spreading fake news that can cause public alarm and anxiety. —DayakDaily